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Wilflex EPIC Curable Reducer Quart

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Wilflex EPIC Curable Reducer. One Quart.

Curable Reducer is now Pthalate-Free!

Viscosity reducer that will cure within a standard plastisol cure temperature range allowing the viscosity of Wilflex plastisol inks to be lowered without fear of over reducing, resulting in ink curing problems.

When using with Wilflex EPIC inks, there is no limit to the amount of Curable Reducer that may be added. Curable Reducer is an efficient reducer and an addition of 5 percent by weight will lower the viscosity of most Wilflex EPIC inks by 25 percent. Additions above 10 percent may reduce bleed resistance and opacity. However, Wilflex products have been carefully designed to perform within a given viscosity range and any dramatic change in viscosity may result in a change in printing characteristics.
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