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Inks (Waterbased)

Waterbased Silk-Screening Inks

Waterbased Screen printing inks are becoming widely popular as people are switching to more eco-friendly ink alternatives. Waterbased inks are easy to print, and give a very soft hand to the print as well.

We offer two brands in waterbased ink:
Spectrachem, a versatile paper-stock and fabric screen ink that has high opacity on light and dark shirts (with underbase). A wide color range as well as metallic and glow in the dark colors are available.

Speedball, a general purpose waterbased screen printing ink. Speedball has two separate ink lines; one is Acrylic, for paper and cardstock printing. The other is Fabric, for t-shirts and other fabric substrates.

Note: Waterbased inks do not need the same type of heat to dry like plastisols. Waterbased ink can air-dry, and then be heat set using a simple clothing iron on a high setting. Simply iron the inside of the shirt over the print (time should be determined through adequate testing) to cure the ink. You can also use your plastisol conveyor dryer or flash unit to cure ink. The curing times will vary based on humidity and will NOT be similar to plastisol prints as the water in the ink must fully evaporate for the ink to cure. Depending on dryer settings and dryer length, it may be necessary to run waterbase ink printed t-shirts through your dryer twice to ensure proper cute. Always test for wash fastness prior to production.
Textile & Acrylic Waterbased Ink
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