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Ulano CDF Vision-35 - 25" x 394" - 6 Roll Case *Special Order*

MSRP: $876.00
CSS E-Store: $635.00
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Ulano CDF Vision 35 Capillary Film. 25" x 394". 6-Roll Case.

*Special Order Item: Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Not eligible for free shipping.*

Ulano CDF Vision-35 is the replacement product for Ulano CDF-4 Capillary Film.

CDF Vision is a diazo dual-cure capillary film system. Its special formulation controls mesh penetration and enhances photo-polymerization, resulting in sharp printing shoulders and mechanical durability. Particulate-size control reduces granularity effects for optimal resolution and definition. Texturing agents impart a micro-structural pattern to the bottom of the stencil, minimizing hydrostatic attraction to the printing stock under conditions of high humidity, and electrostatic attraction under low humidity conditions. CDF Vision is compatible with UVs, vinyls, and virtually all solvent-based inks. CDF Vision is coated at thicknesses of 15μ,18 μ, 20μ, 25μ, and 35μ.



Excellent imaging properties Superb acutance (printed edge definition) and resolution
Solvent resistant Compatible with aggressive inks and solvents
Reclaims easily without staining screen fabric
High-contrast color Easy stencil inspection and see-through registration
Easy to Use Minimal training required
“Pre-coated” stencils = perfect stencils—every time
Consistent exposure time
Consistent stencil thickness = control of ink deposits—and ink costs
Wet processing reduces drying time and pinholes; speeds production
Fast exposure and processing Fast stencil turnaround
Significantly less labor and production time
Wide exposure latitude

For More Information, See Ulano's Technical Data Sheet Here (PDF)
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