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Heat Tape 290f -330f (Sheet of 8 Strips)

CSS E-Store: $13.95

Heat Tape 290f - 330f. Strip of 8 Tapes Per Sheet. Sold Individually.

These heat tapes are one of the most accurate methods of determining how hot your shirts are getting inside your dryer. Simply peel one of the 8 strips and stick to the shirt (near the print) and send through the dryer.

Pre-printed with temperature markings from 290f to 330f, you will easily be able to tell how hot your shirt is getting through your dryer. As the heat tape reaches each temperature marking, it turns black. So if you still see readings on the strip, the shirt did not reach that temperature. Great for new dryers, determining belt speed and heat settings. Also makes finding cure temps and times easy when changing substrates, as some substrates absorb or reflect heat differently than others.
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