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32" x 36" x 24" Screen Washout Booth

CSS E-Store: $490.00
washout booth, silkscreen reclaiming, screenprinting washout booth,
Screen Washout Booth. 

*Note: Ships direct from manufacturer via UPS. Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery on this item.*

Booth Dimensions: 32"w x 36"h x 24"d

This screen washout booth is the perfect size for most small shops who need a simple and effective way to washout screens. Compact size allows for it to be shipped via UPS (legs disassembled). Polypropylene construction means a long life for this washout booth and also keeps it light weight if you have a small shop that requires more mobility of your equipment. Booth will accomodate a 20" x 24" frame or 23" x 31" size frames for washout. Note: There is a backlight option available for this unit for an additional fee.
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