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Here is a list of the manufacturers we carry and their respective websites where you can find additional information about products and MSDS information.

Wilflex - Plastisol Inks (EPIC Pthalate Free Inks, Bright Tiger, EPIC MX Series, PolyWhite)

International Coatings - Plastisol Inks (900 Series Nylon Inks and Catalyst, 7600 Series Plastisol Inks, 700 Series Plastisol, 7100 Performance Pro Low Cure Plastisol)

Ulano - Screen Chemicals & Emulsions (Orange, TZ, LX-680, QTX, QLT, 925WR, QX-1, #3 Screen Degreaser, #4 Stencil Remover)

Sprayway - Aerosol Products (#957 Screen Opener, #383 Web Spray Adhesive, Toner Aide)

Camie - Aerosol Products (#375 Flash-Mist Spray, #380 Web Spray Adhesive, #480 Screen Opener)

MacDermid Autotype - Screen Chemicals & Emulsions (CPS Type T Screenwash, Autosol 8000 Emulsion, Autosol Plus Emulsions)

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