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Leasing Equipment Basics

Ready to start your own shop? Looking to upgrade older equipment? Leasing is a popular way to upgrade your equipment, and save on upfront costs. While leasing equipment can sometimes seem like a daunting and overwhelming process, we here at Commercial Screen have a few tips for those of you looking to upgrade your screen printing equipment, or start up a new t shirt shop.

Don't assume you won't be able to get a lease. While some leasing companies may say no, many will say yes.

Call around. Don't settle on the first quote you get. We recommend calling at least three to five different leasing companies before deciding on one you want.

Get a quote based on how much you think you will need. Many shops find once they upgrade their press their conveyor dryer cannot keep up with the increased printing. Or, you bought a new press but now you need a larger and better exposure unit. Think about all factors of your business, and how it will affect your output. If you want to move up to larger screens, or want the ability to do high definition screen printing you are going to need a better light source (if you don't already have an exposure unit). Also factor in the cost of new screen frames and other related equipment. This will help keep your rate as low as possible, as you won't be getting more than you need, but you'll make sure you have enough to get the silk screen equipment that you need to increase productivity and output.
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