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Heat Transfer Materials & Supplies

Here you will find all of our Heat Transfer products. We carry a number of different products to help you take care of those specialty requests from customers that can sometimes be difficult through other methods. Have a Athletic team requiring the same front print but individual names and numbers on the back? Use heat trasnfer vinyl to cut out each name and number, and simply heat press them on for a long lasting great look. PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl provides a nice matte finish that looks and feels similar to a plastisol print. Inexpensive and easy to use, all you need is a plotter/cutter and a heat press. Simply cut out the design, name, or number and heat press onto the garment.

Want to make your own Plastisol Transfers? We've got Hot-Split and Cold-Peel Heat Transfer Paper that can be used to create plastisol transfers. Plastisol transfers come in handy when you offer a selection of simple designs with a variety of shirt colors. Investing the time and money to print a good quantity of each color in every size is risky because you don't know which design will be more popular and which color and size will be popular. With plastisol transfers you can simply pre-print your designs, and have the shirts available for the customer to pick out either at your shop (or on a webpage). Simply heat press the transfer onto the customers shirt choice, and you're done. A great plastisol print and the customer has a lot of flexibility in what they want.

Cold-Peel paper, which for best results should be peeled after the ink has cooled.
Hot-Split paper, which for best results is peeled while hot. Requires Hot-Split Plastisol Inks.

The papers are available in packages of 100 and 500 sheets in 12.5" x 12.5" size Sheets.

If you are unsure or unfamiliar with the process or Cold-Peel or Hot-Split Transfers, we encourage you to ensure you are properly set up and have the correct plastisol inks that are designed for either Cold-Peel transfer printing, or Hot-Split Plastisol transfers. Not all plastisol inks are designed for these uses.

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