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Econo-Tex Automatic Screen Printing Press Servo Drive 10-Station/6-Color

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Econo-Tex Automatic Servo Drive Textile Press. 10 Station / 6 Color.

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Max Print Area 16" x 18"

AWT has spent over 10 years developing this “State of the art” automatic textile printer.

They made sure to have over 15 features on the machine, which no one else has. These features were put in to make sure you made more money.

As the industry's most versatile mid-size textile production system, the Econo-Tex Automatic gives manual printers the economical benefits of high speed automation and the ability to print high demanding images with greater flexibility and creativity.

Print multiple colors at speeds up to 75 dozen per hour allowing for high speed reproduction of complex designs without having to sacrifice quality.

Use easily adjustable stroke sensors and adjustable side frame holders to adapt to various frame sizes. Use current frame stock rather than investing in an entirely new inventory.

The Econo-Tex Automatic is equipped for easy setup and changeover to minimize downtime. Features include independent station control for adjusting print and flood speeds, plus indexer freewheeling for ease of setup. Other print head features include upfront micro-registration, lock-in-head with pivoting front screen holder for easy screen or flash installation, tool-free changeover, and much more.

Electronic Features include: single/double print control, freewheeling, skip pallet mode, load in/load out sequencing, and much more.

Garment loading is a breeze by using an anti-snag, quick-change pallet system that doesn’t hinder garment placement. This low profile design provides the support and steadiness to ensure excellent coverage over the entire image area.

Remote Diagnostics
While others will service your machine in a day or two, they can service your machine immediately by phone. Simply plug your phone line into your machine. A must for our customers. AWT has had this EXCLUSIVE STANDARD feature for over 10 years and it is Free the first year. After warranty, a slight charge, far below any cost of “on-site” service!

Safety First
AWT is proud to offer their machines using the fastest safety systems in the industry. Safety is of utmost importance to AWT and our customers. Compare! You will be surprised.

Heavy-Duty and Vibration Free
Their machines weight over 20% more than our competitors. Absolutely Super registration. They have been accused of building our machines like a tank. AWT’s machines will last for many years longer than competitors and will hold their resale values so you can upgrade to larger machines with ease.

Using the latest “state of the art” technology in the servo and the PLC they can bring you “Self Diagnostic” and trouble shooting. The machine will actually tell you what needs to be looked at.

More Standard Features Than Our Competition
AWT has included in the price of each machine more features and benefits that are standard than any other competitor. You will pay LESS for our machine. Compare, you will be surprised!
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