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Autotype Plus 8000 Dual-Cure Emulsion Gallon

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Autotype 8000 Dual-Cure Emulsion. One Gallon.

AUTOSOL 8000 is a premium dual cure direct emulsion offering superior image- reproduction qualities, resistance to solvents and water, and the toughest stencil available in the Autosol range.

Graphics and garment printing, including fine halftone and four-color process work. Autosol 8000 is also an
excellent choice for critical screen printing applications including electronic parts, membrane switch
components, PCBs, flexible circuitry, nameplates and decals.

Superior Printed Edge Quality and Resolution -  Prints a superior image on all types of images, from line work to finehalftones; an excellent choice for process color work

Highest Durability - Resistant to the most aggressive screen printing inks. The most durable emulsion in the Autosol product line.
Humidity Resistance - Long run durability even in high humidity conditions

Widest Range of Compatible Inks - No need to use another emulsion when changing ink systems

Direct Addition Diazo - Faster mixing eliminates one step from the emulsion mixing process
Application Versatility - Outstanding choice for an extensive range of screen printed productspecialties, regardless of print-quality requirements or the ink system being used

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