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Autotype 9000 Pre-Sensitized Emulsion Gallon

CSS E-Store: $111.95

Autotype 9000 Pre-Sensitized Emulsion. One Gallon.

Autosol 9000 is a high solids, fast exposing presensitized photopolymer-type emulsion for garment and textile decorating applications. Autosol 9000 is an excellent choice for high volume garment printing shops where rapid screen turnaround is critical. Use Autosol 9000 with plastisol or puff inks that do not contain water.

  • One part system - Eliminates the need to sensitize prior to use
  • Excellent coating quality - Reduced drag on the coating trough enables faster and smoother coating with less effort
  • Very fast exposure - Significant time savings for large volume shops and where weak light sources are used
  • Very high solids - Fewer coats yield the desired stencil thickness, even on coarse meshes. Compared to other SBQ-based emulsions, Autosol 9000 gives as much as 25-50% higher stencil build with the same number of coats (depending on mesh count).
  • Good exposure latitude - Forgiving to as much as 25% overexposure, an important feature for such a fast exposing emulsion. 
  • Very good edge definition and resolution - Even at optimum exposure, fine lines (100-micron) can be resolved andprinted.
  • Easy to reclaim - Does not “slough” into stringy pieces or fuse in the mesh on contact with mild printing solvents. Dissolves readily with periodate-based reclaiming products

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