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Speedball Light Kit

CSS E-Store: $29.98

Speedball Light Kit.

Kit Contents:
(1) Ceramic Lamp with Reflector
(1) 250 Watt Photoflood Bulb
(1) Sheet of Black Paper 9" x 13"

No Emulsion is included in this kit. Click here if you need the Speedball Emulsion Kit..

The Speedball Light Kit is the perfect set up for the hobbyist who wants to print t-shirts or paper in their house, but does not have the budget for a full screen printing exposure system. With the included reflector and 250 watt photoflood bulb, speedball diazo emulsion can be exposed evenly and with better accuracy than other DIY methods. Having better exposure means your screens will last longer, and have better detail in the finer areas of your designs. More even exposure means less chance of having a part of your image wash out great, and another part of the image not washout at all due to over/under exposure. Poor exposure can lead to premature failure of the stencil, as well as make it more difficult to reclaim when you are finished using the design. The included ceramic lamp with reflector includes a hanger on the back so it can be hung from nearly anywhere in your house AND at the proper distance from the screen to allow for the best exposure possible.
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