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Winter Weather Advisory

The cold weather is here yet again, and with it our usual Winter Weather Advisory. Certain Screen Printing products are not freeze/thaw stable, which means that if the products should freeze in-transit, when they thaw they no longer work the same due to a change in the product when it thaws.

How does this affect you?

Should your order contain items that are freeze/thaw sensitive, you will be notified via e-mail.

What are my options?

1.) We regularly check the weather conditions to our delivery destinations to determine if a better ship date is to ship it a few days after it was placed. Sometimes there is a break in the weather and we will notify you to inform you of a delay in shipping to protect the items.

2.) You can cancel off the freeze/thaw sensitive items and ship the remainder of your order as complete. You would simply need to re-order during a break in the weather when the overnight temperatures are above freezing.

3.) Release the order. You always have the option to release the order and have it shipped immediately. Please note that any order that is released from a freeze/thaw item(s) removes CSS E-Store from any liability to damages to items in shipping. We are not responsible for any damages due to the items being shipped outside of our shipping guidelines. We will do our best to pack the products as best as possible, but unfortunately we have no control over the handling/storage of our shipments once received by UPS.

We recommend to always try to order emulsions at the beginning of the week, to ensure that it does not spend a weekend inside a UPS distribution warehouse, or worse, a UPS tractor trailer. If you order on a Thursday and are a 2+ day ship, we may email recommending to hold until Monday.

Note: Due to the nature of some Screen Printing products, we are unable to offer expedited shipping options. All items ship via UPS Ground. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Please see our Shipping Policy page for a UPS Transit Time Map.

What items are affected?

- ALL Screen Printing Emulsions (Ulano Orange, QTX, Double Duty & Autotype Plus 8000, etc.)
- Ulano #60 Screen Filler, #10 Heavy Blockout
- Speedball Screen Filler, Transparent Base, Extender Base
- Ulanogel #23 Screen Degreaser Paste, Ulano #5 Stencil Remover Paste
- Some other screen printing products are sensitive to freezing however these are the most popular items that would require a Freeze Notification E-Mail.

How will I know if my items are freeze/thaw sensitive?

You can always e-mail us if you're concerned about items or the weather in your area. If you want to pre-release an order for freeze/thaw you must inform us in the customer notes section when placing your order. Again, please be aware that we are not responsible for any damages to your merchandise in-transit as it is being shipped outside of our shipping guidelines.

If you ever have any questions regarding freeze/thaw sensitive items or placing an order, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Updated 20 - OCT - 2015
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