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Albatross SRC Stencil Remover Concentrate - MAKES 1 GALLON!!!

CSS E-Store: $18.34
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Albatross SRC Concentrate. 16oz Bottle Mixes to make 1 Gallon.

Save on shipping and on chemical! Use your own water to mix a strong and effective stencil remover for most emulsions and capillary films. Simply pour into 1 gallon container and fill with water. Shake well to mix properly and you are ready to start removing emulsion from your screens. Quick removal of water resistant emulsions as well.
  • Makes 1 Gallon of Emulsion Remover
  • Mixes Easily and Won't Separate
  • Has Superior Wetting Properties
  • Save on Shipping Due to Smaller Size and Weight
  • Comparable to CSS #45 and Ulano #4 Stencil Removers
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