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Speedball Acrylic White Gallon

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Speedball Screenprinting Acrylic White. One Gallon.

Speedball's Acrylic line of screen printing inks are great waterbased inks for printing on paper, cardboard, mat board, and any other flat paper/board-substrates. It will not stick to high-gloss content boards or plastic materials.

Printing Recommendations:
  • Must have water-resistant emulsion (Ulano TZ, Ulano QX-1)
  • Recommended mesh counts are 10XX, 12XX, and standard 125-200 mesh.
  • Ink cleans up with soap and water or a mild ink-wash.
  • You can use standard economy squeegee or 60 and 70 durometer squeegees for printing.
  • Must use a non water-soluble blockout, or blockout tape.
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