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Spectrachem RFU Aqua Base Quart

CSS E-Store: $15.97

Spectrachem RFU Aqua Base. One Quart.

Great for thinning inks (less than 5% aqua base by weight) or for creating transparencies within colors (more than 10% by weight).

The RFU is a water-based screen printing ink ready for use from the container. It is made to be printed on white and light colored cotton, cotton/poly blends, polyester and rayon. This ink is also suitable for paper and cardstock applications. Inks are supplied at an average viscosity that is satisfactory for most printing. You may adjust ink to your needs. To thin, just add water. To thicken, add RFU 595 Thickener.

Mesh: 140 Monofilament Polyester
Emulsion: Water Resistant
Curing: Inks must be heat set to cure.
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