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Inks (Plastisol)

Screen-Printing Plastisol Based Inks

For general information about Plastisol Inks, click here.

For information about Pthalate Compliancy, click here. (Courtesy of International Coatings)
Since the change from pthalate to non-pthalate & non-pvc formulations in plastisol inks, the ink may be harder to remove from your screens. The new non-pthalate and non-pvc plasticisers are much more aggressive and may react with underexposed emulsion or to any residue left behind by certain chemicals used to clean the screen. Mineral Spirits is no longer recommended as a suitable product for cleaning screens. Instead, look for a plastisol ink-wash or screen-wash. These are designed to break down the plastisol ink to make cleaning screens easier.

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