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Screen-Printing Plastisol Inks - General Information

Plastisol inks are rugged, durable, and support a wide range of garments. They can be printed on 100% cotton, 50/50%, nylon, and some 100% polyester inks. Here is some general information to help you determine what is best for you.

- Most plastisols need at least 300-330 Degrees Fahrenheit to cure. You can cure using a flash unit or conveyor dryer. While hand held heat guns work, they are not the best for consistency or accurate curing. There is an additive that when mixed properly into your ink will LOWER your curing temp (IC 3804). If you are unsure about the curing specifications on your ink, refer to the manufacturer's technical information sheets.

Standard Plastisols
- Wilflex EPIC Series, International Coatings 700 Series and 7600 Series are considered standard plastisol inks. They are a satin to semi-gloss finish, and work on 100% cotton and 50/50% substrates. They are usually provided in the same consistency, though some colors are creamier than others and are easier to work with. All can be used in manual machines or automatics. White inks will generally be thicker than standard colors due to the high-pigment load needed to make them opaque.

Polyester Inks
- International Coating's Paramount Whitewhich works with exceptional results when printing on polyester or 50/50% garments. Using Paramount White as an underbase will help reduce dye-migration from your other plastisol colors. 


Nylon Inks – International Coatings 900 Series Ink is designed specifically for nylon garments. Using a two part system, a catalyst is mixed into the ink and then printed onto the garment. This allows for better adhesion to the nylon garments. Note: Testing must be done prior to production to determine suitability between the ink and garments being printed. Some nylon material is treated with a water-proof coating and are more difficult to print.


Specialty Inks – Both Wilflex and International Coatings have developed a number of specialty inks for special effects printing. The products range from glow-in-the-dark, glitter inks, shimmer inks, suede texture and other texture inks as well. There are also inks that puff up on the shirt, giving a raised feel to the ink. Wilflex Specialty Inks - International Coatings Specialty Inks


Plastisol Additives – If the ink is too thick, there are reducers, extenders, and thinners for specific needs. There are products that reduce the thickness and texture on a print to make it softer. There are additives that will simply make the ink easier to pull through the screen if it becomes difficult to pull a squeegee manually. Wilflex Additives - International Coatings Additives

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