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IC 7531 Ultramix Fluorescent Orange Gallon

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International Coatings Ultramix 7531 Fluorescent Orange. One Gallon.

International Coatings Fluorescent Inks provide high quality, pigment rich plastisol colors. The 7531 Fluorescent Orange will provide bright and vibrant prints on your garments! Non-pthalate formula for high performance printing, specifically formulated for high speed wet-on-wet screen printing. Suitable for fine detail and high mesh printing.

For Dark Garments: Use an underbase print when printing 7531 onto dark fabrics. Use 711, 7014, 7041 white as an underbase ink. To achieve a softer hand and faster production speeds, print underbase ink through finer mesh counts (230 to 305 t/in or 90 to 120 t/cm mesh).

Recommended Fabrics: 100% Cotton, 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blends

Cure Temp: 325°F (163°C) entire ink film

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