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IC 711 Classic White Gallon

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International Coatings 711 Fast-Fusing White. One Gallon.

This is a Pthalate Free Product. 
The 711 white is a low fusing, fast flashing, low tack, high pigment white plastisol printing ink. With a very creamy viscosity, the ink is very easy to print. This results in a lot less pressure to print the ink through the screen. A truly white white, without any objectionable odor. The ink contains no bleaching agents and is superior in performance to other low bleed inks.  
The 711 white was formulated to make printing opaque white easy. This technology helps to make hand printing less tiring, because less squeegee pressure is needed, which improves operator performance. It also allows automatic equipment settings to be at lower pressure settings, thus improving screen life and squeegee durability.
Compared to other opaque whites, 711 prints so easily you will find that a finer screen mesh can be used for the same opacity as a more open mesh. This means less ink will be used, a real money saver in terms of ink usage. It also means a softer hand on flashed fabrics.
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