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IC 7014 Legacy White Gallon

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international coatings, 7014 series legacy white, legacy ink plastisol, silkscreen white
International Coatings 7014 Legacy White. One Gallon.
This is a Pthalate-Free Product!

7014 LB (Low-Bleed), NP (Non-Phthalate) is a low fusing, fast-flashing, low tack, HP (High-Pigment) White plastisol ink. With a very creamy viscosity, the ink is very easy to print. This results in a lot less pressure needed to print the ink through the screen. Works well for manual and automatic screen printers. Comparable to Wilflex Bright Tiger, Wilflex Extreme White and Wilflex Quick White.

Click here for a Technical Information sheet from International Coatings.
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