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AutoType CPS Screen Wash T - 25 Litre (6.6gal)

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Autotype CPS Screen Wash Type T. 25 Litre Container (aprox 6.6gal)

Note: Due to the size and weight of this item additional handling of $4.50 applies to this item.

Designed specifically for cleaning garment and textile printing inks, Screen Wash T is a low-odor, low evaporation solvent blend which is hazard-label free. It offers a more pleasant working environment and long working product life. CPS Screen Wash T is used after printing when the screen is going to be reclaimed. CPS Screen Wash T is suitable for automatic or manual cleaning. For manual use the product is designed to be applied with a blue CPS Brush and rinsed with water, prior to removing the stencil.

Technical Sheet on Screen Wash T
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